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2016 Day of Tango Performers

Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayté Valdes

Carlos Barrionuevo is originally from Santa Cruz, Argentina, and began to dance tango at an early age, developing his technique by studying the great masters of tango. Over the years, he has performed with great artists, including Ricardo “Chiqui” Pereyra, Enrique Dumas, Raul Lavie, Maria Grana, Guillermo Fernandez and Mariano Mores, as well as Grammy award-winning pianist Pablo Ziegler. After earning the championship award at the 2005 Patagonia Tango Festival in San Carlos, Bariloche, Carlos went on to perform in many Tango shows, including ”Tango Emotion”, “Tango Historias Breves”, “Sabor a Tango”, “Tango Odisea”, and “Tangorama”, among others. In 2007, he began performing with Mayté Valdes in prestigious Tango houses such as “El Viejo Almacen”, “El Cafe Tortoni” and”Chiquin Tango”. During that same year, Carlos was a part of the cast of “Forever Tango”, performing at the Teatro Coliseo Podesta in La Plata, Argentina. A few years later, he joined “Tangueros Del Sur”, performing at the New York City Center, the Vail International Dance Festival, the Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival and Israel Dance Festival, with the company “Romper el Piso”. In 2013, Carlos joined “Tango Essence” for the world premiere at the New York City Center on Broadway. His artistic skills also extend to acting – Carlos is the lead character in “Niña Del Tango”, a short film directed by Jason Eberly that premiered in Los Angeles and New York in 2013. It received a nomination for Best Short Film after being an official selection of 11 international film festivals, qualifying for two Oscars. Carlos received a nomination for Best Actor as well as the “River Rhythm Award” at the Silent River Film Festival and continues his development in the art of acting.

Mayté Valdes is highly trained in diverse dance techniques such as Classical ballet, Modern jazz and tango. She was trained in Argentine Tango by the greatest tango masters in Buenos Aires, and has performed in many tango shows such as “Chiquilin Tango”, “Tango en el Maipo” , “Tango Historias Breves” and “Tanguera – the Musical” among others. In 2004, she toured with the company “Tango Pasion” throughout Spain, Sweden, Russia and Germany. With the company “Tango Buenos Aires”, she traveled throughout the United States, Mexico, Egypt and Asia, England, Turkey and Israel, sharing her talent and passion for tango. In September of 2009, Mayté joined the company “Tangueros del Sur” with Carlos, performing at the New York City Center, the Vail International Dance Festival, the Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival and with the dance company “Romper el Piso” at the Israel Dance Festival. In 2013, she joined the company “Tango Essence”, performing at the New York City Center on Broadway. Mayté’s talents also extend to acting – in 2013, she was the lead character in “Niña Del Tango”, a short film directed by Jason Eberly that premiered in Los Angeles and New York. Mayté received a nomination for Best Actress as well as the “River Rhythm Award” at the Silent River Film Festival and continues her studies and practice in the art of acting. Carlos & Mayté are currently part of the most prestigious Tango festivals in the US and are working on the pre-production of their first feature film “Eliana”.

Fabian and Roxana Belmonte

Fabian and Roxana Belmonte were both born in Buenos Aires, Argentina – the birthplace of the Tango. Since their childhood, their hearts have beaten to the rhythm of the tango, and they were raised from a very tender age to live and breathe the Tango culture. Roxana & Fabian have performed and taught internationally over the past 30 years, thrilling audiences in venues ranging from “Luna Park” in Buenos Aires, “Roy Thompson Hall” in Toronto to the “Royal Theatre Carré” in Amsterdam or “Shiba Mel-Park Hall” in Tokyo. The couple have appeared in many of the fabled and legendary dance halls of their native Buenos Aires, including Palais De Glace, Astral Theatre, La Confiteria Del Molino, Club Almagro, Glorias Argentinas, Esquina Anibal Troilo, Esquina Homero Manzi” and the Buenos Aires most legendariest stadium Luna Park. Fabian & Roxana have shared the stage with international and national scene’s celebrities and distinctive tango personalities and orchestras as Color Tango-Roberto Alvarez, Leopoldo Federico, Ruben Juarez, Alberto Podesta, Argentino Ledesma, Orquesta del Tango de Buenos Aires-Raul Garello – Carlos Garcia, Sexteto Canyengue, Quartango among others. Besides being a Tango dancer, Fabian distinguished himself as a multi-faceted artist / performer who has appeared on scene not only as a dancer, but also as vocal singer and bandoneon player, in line with his lifetime passions that cover dance, music and history. They were chosen as one of Argentina’s tango ambassadors to the world and invited to judge the First (’05), Second (’06) and Fourth (’08) World Tango Competitions in Tokyo, Japan where they also performed in the show Tango Libertad among other selected tango dancers as Miguel Angel Zotto. They have performed as soloist couple with many major Symphony Orchestras as as the Kalamazoo, Washington DC, Laval, Sudbury, Buffalo, Windsor, Billings & San Francisco. In ‘05 the couple was engaged as choreographers and dancers in “The Emotional Brain-Love”, a Freddiee award winner TV documentary for Best Documentary Series, hosted by David Suzuki and co-produced by CBC-TV Canada and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. They have received international accolades as 2003 Latin American Achievement Award for “Best Latin Folklore Presence in Canada ” . Winners of the international dance competition: ”Stars of the future 1998″, Miami Univision TV. Sabado Gigante.

Marcos Pereira & Florencia Borgnia

Marcos and Florencia are both natives of Argentina and have earned many accolades as tango dance performers. In 2015, they were the 2nd place winners of the Buenos Aires City Tango Competition, in which they achieved a significant level of recognition for their artistic endeavors. Between 2013 and 2014, they worked in the historic “Café Tortoni´s Show” in Buenos Aires, and also performed in the “Añoranzas Tango Show”, La Ventana, Complejo Tango, and the most famous milongas in Buenos Aires, such as Salón Canning, Sunderland Club, Sin Rumbo, Club Villa Malcolm, Floreal Milonga, La Baldosa, among others. In Buenos Aires, they have invested time in learning and researching the tango dance from some of the most renowned masters of the art form, achieving a refined and elegant dance style that characterizes their performances. In 2014, Marcos and Florencia performed with the “Corporación Tangos”, one of the most recognized worldwide Tango companies. In 2015, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Argentine Nation, they performed as a part of the ENTA (Espacio Nacional de Tango Argentino), an educational and cultural program for advanced tango dancers that is unique in the world, and which aims to preserve the knowledge and experience of this popular dance. Marcos and Florencia have also taught at the Escuela Argentina de Tango in Buenos Aires, and have traveled around Argentina and many parts of the world, most recently at the Denver Tango Festival Memorial Day. Marcos and Florencia continue to invest time in training and research in order to achieve the most authentic interpretation of tango, while expressing their passion for a dance form that has truly changed their lives, as well as those of countless other tango lovers around the world.